In your pursuit for Beauty & Purpose, I would be honored to be a part of  your journey and

hold space for you to surrender to your soul energy and connect with your truth. 


Are you are in seeking a PURPOSE, CALLING, CONNECTION & HEALING?

I encourage you to look up the definition of the words that you seek in multiply languages.

Look how it is written, listen to how it is spoke and pronounced and then create your own definition of what the word …

the power you give to such a concept of Truth. 



Why does Plant Medicine call to you?


What is your relationship with Plant Medicine?


Do you dream? Do you have recurring dreams?


How do you communicate and sense your intuition?


Do you recognize your inner voice?


Do you recognize and know when something/someone causes a rise within you?


You are your happiest when?


How do you feel about death?


How do you calm your self and find serenity?


Do you know how to receive love?


Key players and events in your life that are present in your heart and mind now?


Do you have awareness or understand Yin & Yang, Masculine & Feminine, Ayurvedic Doshas?


Sweet & Savory or Salty and Spicy?


Mountains, Water, Desert, Meadow?






How Many Days in a Row Should You Micro dose?

Our current understanding suggests that plant medicine does not create a physical dependency in the same way that pharmaceuticals can. However, it is possible to develop a psychological addiction to any behavior, and we recommend taking breaks to give yourself a mental rest and opportunity to reset.


Psilocybin is a natural psychedelic compound produced by over 200 species of mushrooms. Mushrooms have been used in spiritual rituals and ceremonies since 4,000 BC.


Rebooting the brain by psilocybin disables the neural; network in charge of fears and obsession, leaving different sections of the brain free to communicate. This helps us make peace with painful memories, creating a refreshed and more positive viewpoint on life.


Increases a sense of interconnectedness with everything – humanity, nature, universe. This disintegration of the ego is followed by elevated levels of curiosity and openness to new ideas and viewpoints.

How you choose to take these breaks and when is up to you.

Here are a few different ways to structure your micro dosing experience and why:

  • 30 days on, two weeks off: This approach is a good option if you feel like having a very in-depth experience with the vine and feel prepared to follow-through with a daily routine 30 days in a row. After a few cycles of this technique, make sure to take a longer break of several weeks to allow yourself to reach a new equilibrium and avoid any chronic ill effects. 

  • One day on, two days off (The Fadiman technique): Originally designed for serotonergic psychedelics, which require a refractory period of two days to prevent tolerance build-up, this technique can also be useful for ayahuasca vine. Two days is a useful period of time to reflect on the benefits of your micro dosing day and enjoy the afterglow. Most people use the Fadiman technique to dose twice a week on regular days (i.e. Monday and Thursday) and take an extra rest day every week.

  • Two days on, two(+) days off: As an alternative, you may want a longer regular “break” from micro dosing. Perhaps you want to work with other plants or herbs on your days off or find that the effects you experience from the vine are not something you want to experience every day. By using the drops for at least two days in a row, it allows the vine to do slightly more intense work than with the Fadiman technique.

There is no golden rule when it comes to how many days on or off you want to micro dose with plant medicine. Many users report having greater results when they take the drops continuously over a longer period of time, as the effects can be cumulative. 

We always recommend that you take a longer break (at least two weeks) from micro dosing if you’ve been doing it for several weeks at a time. We also recommend limiting your micro dosing routine itself to less than three months, at a maximum! This is to avoid the situation where you are using micro dosing as a crutch, rather than a signpost towards a happier life; and also to prevent any physical risks that we may not yet be aware of.

When structuring your microdosing experience, tune in to your guidance and listen to your intuition. You may have to play with the dosing, time of day, and regularity of your practice until you find which approach works best for you. Don’t be afraid to experiment and tweak it as you go along, and make sure to track everything in your journal!

According to the Psychedelic Explorer’s Guide: “Most cultures that use plants for healing, divination, or spiritual revivification use music to facilitate the transition from one level of awareness to another and to enhance the feeling of safety by providing nonverbal support.”


Psychedelics, also referred to as hallucinogens, entheogens, or empathogens, are psychoactive substances that produce alterations in conscious experience. These can include changes in cognition, perception, feelings, and emotions.

SETTINGS: Physical and Social Environment

Define a mental state a person brings to a psychedelic experience (thoughts feelings mood desires)


Natural space that is secluded from strangers authority or security figures

Surround yourself with good people, go out into nature, find a quiet, open


MUSIC: Either headphones or a stereo system will work. Focus on classical music. Specific recommendations include Hovhaness’s Mysterious Mountain, Faure’s Requiem, Gregorian chants, solo piano, piano with one or two other instruments, unaccompanied flute, ragas, and indigenous drum recordings.


Avoid anything with words after the first hour. It may be distracting.


When listening to music, closing your eyes will increase its impact. To enhance the experience, use an eyeshade, pillow, or soft cloth to create a sense of complete darkness.



4 S’s: Substance, Sitter, Session, Situation

Day 1 MindSET:  preparations, expectations. Stay quiet and unhurried. Set time for self-reflection and part of your day in nature.

Day 2: Consume Psychedelic

Day 3: Integrate the experience and record your discoveries and insight

During the first day, record your thoughts related to the experience:

  • What are your preconceptions about psychedelic experiences?

  • What do you expect to occur during the trip?

  • What do you hope to learn? Experience? Understand? Resolve?

  • What are your goals? Do you have spiritual goals? Psychological goals? Social goals?

There are two options for a physical setting when taking psychedelics:

  • An uncluttered, comfortable room with a couch or bed

  • A familiar outdoor setting

  • Access to a toilet or a place to vomit

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