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We are diverse collective of
Seekers, Intuitives, & Teachers. 
A community built together by love.

Join us as we build a collective bringing together those

who practice studying how to heal, grow and be human.


We shall gather Western medicine, Eastern medicine, Naturopathic medicine, those who can read and

MRI to a Souls Progression.

We will gather, share and educate within our community

to help support each other as we all expand in this new beginning of living. 


Intentionally Conscientiously with Compassion and with

Loving, Kindness and Acceptance.

ANTE-Vasins = it is an in-between; it is the one that lives by the border,  because they renounce to the comfort of family life  

in order to seek enlightenment.

We will create a Local to Global Community.
We are here to Create Together. Let's Connect.

We are seeking You. 


How we teach and practice


How we learn to heal, be still, listen and practice self love

How we express our dreams, our hopes and our greatest pleasures through play


All You Need Is LOVE

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