Bodywork and Soma Therapy
Focusing primarily on the Myofascial Chains (Connective Tissue) throughout the body, I custom a flow specific for your needs, connecting with you through breath, we work through your body releasing your tension, stress, and pain. With intentional energy and a variety of modalities*, we are able to open and create space in the fascia allowing the body to release naturally.
*Deep Tissue, Myofasia, Reflexology, Meditative/Aromatic, Pre/Post Natal , Fire Glass Cupping, Hot Stone Therapy, Vibration Therapy
Alignment & Posture Myofascial Stretching & ELDOAs class
In a group up to 4, we practice a blend of Yoga, Myofascial Stretching and ELDOAs. Through aligning and strengthening your myofascial chains we create a sense of awareness through breath, we increase your bodies tensegrity and can restore range of motion, through postural exercises that were designed to increase space within the spine. These exercises will improve posture, decompress the back and reduce pain.
* If interested in Group or at Home Classes call or email me.
A Journey Into Intuition
In this session you will connect with your inner truth and dive deeper within yourself. Discern between True Intuitive Guidance and False Guidance. Heal & Release what is blocking you from living your Life's Purpose
* If interested in more information please email or text me.
Open & Create Space Within : Personal Growth
Lets go deeper within our heart, soul, ego and learn to break down barriers, ideals and expectations. As we take time in our day to practice self-love, acceptance, forgiveness; we learn how to speak our personal truths, desires, and how to communicate with intention. Aligning our heart and soul with our personality now.
Be Quiet, Be Still & Listen : Diaphragmatic Breathing Meditation
Take a moment in your day to find stillness within allowing your body to relax releasing stress and pain through
intention and a quiet space. 

Breathing connecting with your body that creates the space you need to relieve discomfort pain and open your body creating fluid movement with simple exercises for activation to help warm up the spine for alignment. This class will also cover extensively on breathing exercises (pranayama) to awaken our energy through prana (life force).